Jag hittade ett dokument som så bra beskriver allt vad som händer och vad denna globalism egentligen handlar om.

Manifesto, New Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz 1616 – 2016, Ordo Rosae Crucis.

Det är en bra och kort förklaring som kan vara bra att använda för att varna och få folk uppmärksamma på dagens dårskap. För det finns en anledning till dårskapet och varför man är så hård mot de som avviker och inte följer efter.

Allt handlar om en gammal religion mysterieskolan. Det är denna som ligger som grund för globalismen och det är inte några socialister, bankirer, kabbalister eller muslimer som driver detta.

Hållbart samhälle är målet CO2 är egentligen inte ett hot. CO2 kommer inte att leda till en uppvärmd värld.

See the Great Work of the Moon: the human race that you are part of has reconnected with Nature, and is living in perfect harmony with it. Human beings have at last understood that the planet on which they have the privilege of living is their mother, and that the animals, for which they have the deepest love and respect, are their brothers and sisters; better yet, they know that all of the beings inhabiting Earth are vehicles for the Universal Soul, and that everyone – in their own way and at their own level – is taking part in Cosmic Evolution.

Socialism/kommunistiskt styrd ekonomi, allt är kollektivt, vi delar allt, vi äger inget. Så man kan säga att allt är kollektivism och lyssnar man på vad politiker, media och andra säger så handlar det allt om kollektivism.

See the Great Work of Mars: the economy throughout the world is thriving, and is contributing to the well-being of all people, so that society is peaceful and harmonious; based on one currency, it is also fostering trade between countries, and leading to their coming together; there is no more shortage or poverty, for all people have what they need in order to be happy and to live in proper conditions on the material plane.

Världsregering, en centralt styrd värld en världsregering

See the Great Work of Mercury: the men and women inhabiting Earth are behaving as world citizens, with everything positive that comes from this in terms of their relations: cooperation, sharing, unity, community… There is a World Government, which does not in any way replace national governments, but safeguards their sovereignty and promotes discussion between them. Globalization, long criticized and feared, is now bringing about union, mutual understanding, and social development for all people.

Social rättvisa något man driver väldigt hårt som politisk korrekthet, antirasism som egentligen är en nedbrytande agenda mot allt kristet som är deras hatobjekt. Det är också varför vi inte får skämta om saker och ting som för.

See the Great Work of Jupiter: all countries and the world as a whole are being governed with wisdom, so that human relations are based on mutual trust and respect. The time when politics was partisan and narrow-minded has long gone: as you can see, it has become inseparable from philosophy, and its only purpose is to respond to the perfectly legitimate needs and wishes of all people, without discrimination.

Fred i världen och att inga nationer kommer existera som självständiga utan mer som en kommun som är beroende av centralregeringen. Det är något man ser idag att alla mellanstatliga organisationer som EU, FN och många andra bestämmer mer i våra liv.

See the Great Work of Venus: Peace is reigning at last on this planet, which gave birth to you such a long time ago. The use of weapons is banned, including by countries. The very idea of war is sickening to people, both those governing and those being governed. Fellowship between individuals and populations is no longer a utopian ideal: it is one that each person is cultivating in themselves, and is expressing in their daily life. Humanity is at last living in rhythm with Universal Love.

Forskning är styrd enligt mysterieskolan

See the Great Work of Saturn: Science is acting in the genuine interest of Humanity and with an absolute respect for Nature. It is concerned solely with contributing to the welfare of all human beings, improving their living conditions, and increasing their understanding, or to be more precise, their knowledge. In other words, Science has become profoundly humanistic, and is genuinely directed towards the happiness of all.

Religion, ska bara finnas en och det är mysterieskolan, vill du inte så blir du utelåst och får leva i misär för evigt eller döden. Inte ens islam ska existera i den nya tidsåldern alla som tror på dessa och inte vill tänka om kommer att få sitt straff.

See the Great Work of the Sun: religiosity has given way forever to a spirituality that is founded not on belief, but on knowing. The vast majority of human beings accept the existence of the soul as an obvious fact, and know that they are living on Earth for the purpose of developing this soul, in contact with others. Rather than worshipping God the Father, Jehovah, Allah, Brahma, or any other God, they are endeavoring to understand and abide by the divine laws, in the sense of the natural, universal, and spiritual laws. Humanity is well on the way to its Regeneration, and even to its Reintegration.